Guidelines for Comments

We created this blog as a safe space for our bloggers to voice their ideas and opinions regarding controversial gender issues. However, our ultimate goal is not to be absorbed in our own monologues, but to engage in constructive dialogues with others within (and without) the Randolph community. This mission cannot be achieved without comments from you, the readers.

As we invite you into this conversation, we hope you will treat us with respect despite our differences in worldviews and beliefs. We love it when you complement our post, but we will love it even more when we are challenged and shown a different perspective that you have from your own experience.

To ensure an optimal environment for conversation, we will remove any intentionally inflammatory or irrelevant comments. As our bloggers are anonymous, they can be of any gender, sex, orientation, race, class, and background. Please be considerate of that fact and use your words wisely and responsibly.

Out of respect for the anonymous nature of this blog, please do not name specific people who are a part of the Randolph community in any way. We will not publish any comments which do so.

As with any public discussions, your opinions may have been voiced by someone else already. So, in order to save us some precious time (we are all college students here), please read other people’s comments before you make your own, as you may find the response for your concern or question somewhere in the comment thread.


What do you think? Please comment.

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