The Rioters

Current Bloggers:

PurpleChiliPepper, Editor Spring 2015

I am a purple chili pepper, a tiny gem in the big chili pepper family. Despite my ornamental and harmless look (as people believe that purple is pretty), I am surprisingly hot and numbing, which can bring tears to your eyes and help you flush out a tiny bit of misconceptions (like it or not, everyone has some) so that you can see things more clearly.

As a chili pepper ardently advocating for feminism and women’s power, I take pride in irritating, while at the same time stimulating, anyone who interacts with me on this blog about women-related issues. What is good about chili peppers if they do not make you sweat and cry and come out a different person? So please bite into me, challenge me with your comments, throw in some salt or some exotic spices (if you have them in your cultural pantry) and together we can make each discussion a femiliciously good dish.

Peter Parker, Co-Editor Spring 2015

I’m actually the real Spiderman here to change your thoughts on gender roles.


IntersectionKhaleesi is an artistic, geeky intersectional feminist at Randolph College smiting the patriarchy, rape culture, gender roles, and oppression. In her free time, she frolics through fields of body positivity, fires lasers at misogynists, and challenges any and all blind/ignorant acceptance of the status quo. She is often seen galloping across campus on an enraged unicorn of equality.

Sir Chemical X

Hello all, my name is Sir chemical X, named after the unknown substance used during the creation of the Powerpuff girls, which if you remember gave them super powers! Without that ingredient they would be compiled of just sugar, spice, and everything nice, which is pretty lame I think. I am a senior new to the blog world and still learning my bit about feminism, but can say I truly have a vision for equality. I am excited to give my male perspective on things ranging from inequality in media, politics, religion, and even just my everyday life when I notice some “messed up” stuff. I am very into sports, and also very into food, as well as animal videos on the inter-webs.

Diana Prince

I am a queer nonbinary (DFAB) neuroatypical white feminist. I like Wonder Woman and chocolate. I have white, middle class, cis-passing, and able-bodied privilege. I tag a number of triggers in my blog posts, and will add any that you ask me to. I believe in intersectional feminism. Feel free to ask me anything you like, or disagree with anything I post.

Taria Lorenette

Born in San Francisco, Taria was raised by three very headstrong and opinionated women. This upbringing gave her a rather unique outlook on feminism. In the future she hopes to expand her perspectives on the subject as well as everybody else’s, and along the way, live her life as a woman, to the fullest.

Wilfred Washington

What’s up guys. I’m Wilfred Washington, born and raised in the United States of America. I consider myself a feminist, but one with much to learn. I am a strong believer in equality and fighting for what you believe in. New to the blogging scene, but I’m pumped to be spreading my thoughts and experiences with the world! I enjoy sports, food, music, equality, and making things happen! Just trying to help pave the way to a brighter future and leave this earth better off than when I entered it.

Roman Pierce

Hi my name is Roman Pierce, and I am here to bring to light gender inequality issues around the world that are not garnering the attention they deserve. I am also here to make you, the readers, think about things in a manner you may have not thought about. I am a 21 year old ready to create a web riot for women’s equality!


Sarcastic, funny, honest, and sometimes harsh. I want to encourage productive discourse. It is my hope that this discourse will consist of a broad variety of ideologies and beliefs. It is my belief that we all have a voice and each of our voices are significant. We can learn from one another. We can learn to coexist. And in these efforts we can hope to educate people equally around the world.


 Hello Everyone! My name is June Cleaver; I am a wife and a mother of two from a nice little town of NoneOfYourBusiness, Virginia. It is pretty rough being a mother of two rascals, and a wife of a husband who treats me like I’m an idiot. I really have issues with people talking down about feminism and making horrible jokes and references about women in general; it really drives me to drink. I’m pretty sick of it, so in my blog posts I will be talking a lot about that and many many more! So get your PB and J ingredients out and ready because today, you’re gonna listen to what I have to say and make your own damn sandwich.

John Hoffman

I try to strive for rationality. I’m a big believer in human equality and trying to get as close to it as possible. I study Communications (which pretty much means “I spend a lot my time over-analyzing my favorite media for a letter grade”) at Randolph College. I’m also a dog person. What more do you need to know?

Bartholomew Pumpernickel

Male, 20, from South Bend, Indiana
People call me B-Pump for short!
Active Feminist, open-minded, free spirit
Hippie, Peace Activist
Late-night super hero
Beach volleyball enthusiast
I am strictly a hype man, making the world a better place, one mullet at a time.

What do you think? Please comment.

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