Solidarity and Recognition for Male Victims of Sexual Assault

I would like to start by stating that this piece is in no way meant to ignore, disregard, or otherwise insult female/non-binary/etc victims. My only intention is to provide some information and some support for male victims of sexual assault. This is an action that I find necessary because of how rarely I have heard this specific group of victims discussed. Often, the idea of a male being raped is played as a joke (insert a tasteless prison shower comment here), or is directly disregarded (I have heard people say “Men can’t be raped!” dozens of times).

In light of this situation, here are two very important statistics for you to contemplate. Keep in mind, these are only applicable to America.

1.270 Million and 1.267 Million are not too far away from each other, and I would suspect that there are yet more men who are afraid to come forward. After all, when a man says he was assaulted – especially by a woman – it instantly causes many to question their masculinity. I expect more and more male victims to step forward as we continue to examine the situation and as victims realize that they are not alone.

If you have been the victim of rape or assault, regardless of your gender or the gender of your attacker, you are not alone. There are millions of victims just like you. I encourage you to come forward if you are able and to seek support wherever it may be available to you.


What do you think? Please comment.

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