La Laa Laaa Behind the Red Brick Wall

Throughout my years as a Randolph student, I have been very intrigued by the music department. They always have amazing performers and put on great concerts, of course, but I wanted to look at this field of work and find out how gendered it is. In my mind, at the beginning, I thought that there would be more women in this department. *Stereotyping at its finest!* (It sucks when you see how you’ve been socialized too much and now are a product of your crummy society, wahhh) Back to music! However, thinking about it more, I am not sure why… but it’s true, most people think that classical music is more of a feminine dominated department.

Taking a look at Randolph’s website, I checked out all of the majors that Randolph offers, with the Music Department being one of them I was 100% wrong in my prediction that women dominated this field. I made a tally of 12 male instructors and only 6 female instructors. However after reading that, It did come to my surprise (and made me happy to see) that the Chair of the Music Department is in fact a woman. Then that got me interested in seeing how many other departments have Female Chairs at the moment. Out of the 28 majors that you can click on, there were 17 women Chairs and 11 male Chairs. Interesting right?

Retuning to MUSIC! I went to the Touch of Harmony concert tonight and I wanted to see how many students, in this performing group, were made up of men and women. I think it’s an interesting concept, kinda… maybe?  I found that in the performing group “Voices” there are 8 male singers and 8 female singers. (unless I missed someone, or someone didn’t go..) IT’S EVEN! I have no idea if they have it that was for a reason, but I like that there is some equality!! yay!

On another note, I think that the music department has sculpted beautiful pupils and performers! The concert was so beautiful I encourage everyone to go check one out during your time at Randolph. Check the events calendar for dates and times… However, since it’s the end of the year you’ll have to wait till next year…

To all a goodnight!


What do you think? Please comment.

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