Who Needs Labels? Me!

You’ve heard the phrase before. “I’m just not that into labels.” Well guess what? I am into labels. Like, a lot. I sort of collect them, much like a dragon collects shiny things. Why, you ask? Frankly, because they help me feel secure. I’ve come to realize that in this society, people don’t really respect things unless they have names, identities, googleable terms that fit everything and everyone into nice neat little boxes. I happen to be a complicated human, and so I happen to have a lot of boxes. Here are just a few of the terms I use to identify myself.

Label Maker

Label Maker (I think I’m funny)

I am  wtfromantic – this is a type of aromanticism which basically means that I don’t really experience romantic attraction like most people do. Instead, I get intense platonic feelings for people, and don’t really understand why kissing isn’t a normal part of friendship.

I am pansexual – everyone is really freaking attractive, okay? I am attracted to people regardless of their gender or genitalia.

I am borderfluid – hello friends I have borderline personality disorder and that makes gender very hard and not at all consistent in my day to day life.

I am a demigirl – I am mostly girl? Most of the time? Gender is hard…

Last but not least, I have sensory processing disorder, which means that I have difficulty processing certain tactile sensations, such as food or clothing textures, or even basic physical contact, as well as certain auditory stimuli (for instance, I completely shut down if two people are talking to me at once).

If you want to know more about any of the labels I use or why I use them, feel free to ask in the comments below.

What about you? Do you have any labels that help you make it through your day? Are you one of those people who thinks labels are overrated? Tell me your thoughts!


8 thoughts on “Who Needs Labels? Me!

  1. I’m with you here. I realised a while back how label-orientated I am. It especially becomes obvious when filling out Bio sections of webpages! I’m very into astrology and find it useful to see people – especially myself, through a certain filter. I’m also an ENFP (MBTI personality test – what are you?), a life path number 4 etc.


    • I tend to be less into astrology and more into the Hogwarts sorting system, but I feel you. I’m an ENFJ, actually.

      Thanks for commenting!

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    • I’m a Slytherin, and proud of it! (I had to reply to this comment because the website wouldn’t let me respond to your last one for some reason…)

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      • I knew quite a few proud Slytherins! My ex is a Slytherin 😛 I don’t know much of the good about the house – only the bad PR. (Haven’t read the books!) What are its good points?


      • Curious, brilliant (though not always in the way you expect), and passionate about their subjects (some of them are “I want to learn all the things” people while others are “I want to learn all the things about these two things in particular). Also, clever as hell, and always able to look at something in a new/more abstract way. Plus, all the Ravenclaws I know are bookworms.

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