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Photo Credit: (Kenneth K. Lam, Baltimore Sun)

We all know that feeling when you ask yourself who you are going to room with? Sometimes this can be a very very very long process. You want to find someone who you can not only share a room with, but LIVE with for however long this may be. Typically, when people are pondering about who they are going to room with, the thought probably doesn’t cross their mind of the possibility of rooming with someone of the opposite sex.

Now for me, I was lucky enough to have a single this year. I have a girlfriend who I spend a lot of time with, so she basically lives with me and has stayed with me in my room for most of the year. This is slightly different because I was living with my girlfriend, but what if a cisgender male was allowed to room with their best friend who happened to be a cisgender female? Randolph College has incorporated “Gender Neutral Housing” into Residence Life for the 2015-2016 school year. This is the first time ever something like this has happened at Randolph. Most people would hear that and be like “what?…”.

A lot of people might feel like this is wrong and not proper, but I feel like this is revolutionary idea that needs to spread to many more colleges across the country. By having gender neutral housing, people will be able to live with their friends, regardless of their gender. This is important because it is giving people more rights to have the freedom of choice by giving them the ability to choose to live with anyone, not just people of the same sex.

You must apply for gender neutral housing and be approved in order to live in areas designated for gender neutral housing, but at least it is a step. Students are being given the opportunity to live with other people whom they can learn from and experience college life with, as well as life in general. This will also give students the opportunity to live in a type of environment that is somewhat different than they are used to.


2 thoughts on “ROOMIES!!!

  1. It’s also super useful for people who don’t identify as male or female.

    Also, I appreciate your use of the word cisgender in your posts. I just…I don’t quite know how to explain it, but it is a Very Good Thing. Thank you.


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