Earth Day at Randolph College

25606-1 As you all may know by now I am a feminist who always happens to be a bit of a hippie. I wanted to applaud my college, Randolph College, for celebrating Earth Day and spreading awareness. Environmentalism and Feminism have so much in common because in order to be successful in either “ism” we must spread awareness. Today Randolph spread awareness about the environment by having multiple earth day themed activities around campus. The Cheatham Dining Hall at Randolph served organic food for its students at lunch in honor of Earth Day. Everywhere I went on campus people were complimenting how great the dining hall was that day. During the organic lunch the school set different tables up outside for people to mingle and learn about earth day. I especially loved that they had a live band play during dinner!

EarthDay-300x225 Thank you Randolph for caring about the environment! I think more events such as this around campus is a great way to build community on campus, thus leading to equal respect for all.

Randolph also has had several consciousness raising events over the course of the year. The campus recently hosted a drag show open to the community. The college also hung student made T-Shirts around campus about “consent”. Just the other day students help package food to held end world hunger!  These are just a few examples of ways that my college has worked to spread awareness to myself and fellow students about serious social issues. I love my school!

Peace.Love.Feminism. JaneDoes


What do you think? Please comment.

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