How to be a Straight Ally


Often times, straight people like to call themselves allies to the LGBT+ community, but are they really? Just trying to be an ally means a lot to us in that community, but here are a few more ways and tips for being a straight ally.

Use correct name and pronouns (this is a BIG one for the T in LGBT+).

  • Stick up for us when people are negative towards LGBT+ folks.
  • Support us during rough times in our lives.
  • Listen to us vent about issues and/or bigots in our lives. You may be the only one that does.
  • Don’t joke about our sexuality (example: calling straight men lesbians).
  • Don’t use gay slurs when talking to or about us.
  • Vote in elections, every vote counts.
  • Love us like the human beings we are.

For more information on how to be a straight ally, please visit


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