Nipples and such

Isn’t it funny how a woman wearing a top that shows everything EXCEPT THE NIPPLE is considered to be covered up?  What’s so special about this nipple?  I’ve seen many nipples in my life, across different sexes.  Men can show theirs publicly, so why can’t women?  If the answer is as blatant as because women have boobs, then that just isn’t going to cut it.  I’ve seen plenty of men with boobs – boobs bigger than some women’s, and they can present them just as freely as they please!

I get that women’s boobs are considered sexual or whatever, but you know at the end of the day they are just different than a man’s chest for biological reasons.  Women should be able to walk around like men do.  Women should be able to feed their child in public without being judged or with people looking in disgust.  It’s just nipples!

 Going off being able to show off the whole nipple thing, how about grade schools not allowing female students to wear shorts/skirts that are “too high”?  Or not being able to wear certain types of shirts?  I realize there is a certain line that can’t be crossed and there is a certain level of appropriateness in school, but God forbid a a girl wears a shirt that shows just a little bit of shoulder or too much collar bone.  I suppose back in the day, the people who put these rules in place got a lot more excited about shoulders and collar bones than people of our generation.

How about some schools not allowing girls to wear yoga pants?  Some girls may look  better in them than others, but why does that have to be the reason they are not allowed?  They’re super comfortable pants!  That’s why they are worn.  Is it because people are worried girls become distractions by showing some extra skin or because their clothes are a little tighter?  If there is an implemented dress code, that’s one thing.  For there to be parameters on what can and can’t be worn though, I find ridiculous.

By laws and rules being put in place about what women can and can’t show publicly, isn’t this just sexualizing and objectifying them?  Not allowing women to show certain parts of their body is stating that whatever they can’t show is unacceptable and to only be seen in private.


6 thoughts on “Nipples and such

  1. Exactly! Very good points – I especially loved the humour with the line about whoever designed the dress codes some time ago obviously gets more excited about collarbones than we do. It’s true that when schools say a girl’s skirt is ‘too short’ it doesn’t make sense and only equates to them sexualising the girl. Women (in general and physically) are not seen as the norm so we are encouraged to stay invisible.
    I wrote about an experience with a school dress code recently too.


    • Thank you for commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I just read yours and that was a very interesting read. I can’t believe that actually happened! It’s mind boggling how you were treated over a dress you were wearing. It’s as if women have to live with this lens on and think about how will this look in the eyes of men (or anyone else who could sexualize me)? Will I be sexualized?
      Is it really worth taking girls out of school because you find their clothes a little inappropriate? Even though in most cases they are completely appropriate… I don’t see how denying someone education over their attire is logical.

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      • I love the way you articulated your point! If only more people chose to rationalise things. Hopefully the future will see natural societal progression in areas such as gender and thus lead to different attitudes surrounding the policing of girl’s clothes. It could happen!


  2. I was taught from a very young age that women who don’t conform to a certain dress code don’t respect themselves. I was also conditioned (again from a very young age) to be physically uncomfortable around “immodesty.”

    I completely agree with you. Something has to change.


  3. Great post Wilfred, I completely agree with the breast feeding in public point, I really do not think it should matter. I guess you just have to take into account how sexualized women’s breasts are in our culture, for the nipple to be freed I think they need to become less sexualized because it todays day they can cause a scene, even if we do not think they should.


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