Thank you Hilary for your voice.


Recently I have written my blogs about how celebrities have the potential to advocate feminism and gender equality. Today I started thinking about how politicians could also advocate feminist beliefs.

I found an article about Hilary Clinton pushing to eliminate the gender wage gap. I was extremely interested in covering this topic because I love seeing women in power fighting for equality. Personally, I am not a Hilary Clinton fan but I am interested in how her claims alleviate the gender wage gap issues.


Hilary has reportedly created several projects that have gathered data on the gender wage gaps around the world. I am impressed that a woman of her status is standing up and fighting for women around the world. Like I said in an earlier post, why shouldn’t we make as much money as Joe Smo with the same degree as us? I am glad that even though I do not exactly see eye to eye with Mrs. Clinton on every political issue that I can see eye to eye with her on this. It is important that women all open their eyes and recognize this as a problem!


The first step in solving any problem is admitting that there is one in the first place. The Wage gap is a huge PROBLEM! Women need to come together and push for equal pay. WE HAVE NOT ARRIVED.

Please hear me out. Today I want to tell you all that women have battled for equal rights for so long and we HAVE come so far. But I repeat; WE HAVE NOT ARRIVED. Please do not let the great women in history that have stood up for our rights work go to waste. We should not be satisfied but we should be hungry for more. We know that if we try hard enough we can become one step closer to absolute equality.

Today we call ourselves equal but our pay stubs tell us otherwise. The number of women in corporate positons in the U.S. tell us otherwise. Please tell me if you can find big business where 85% of the people at the top are not male. When I work for eight hours beside my male colleague I want to be compensated just as well as he; just as I should. If we were truly equal than we would be paid as equals. Instead, as Mrs. Clinton points out, we (women) make on average 78.3 cents less per hour than our male counterparts (

This angers me, and my fellow feminists it should anger you. This is a shout out for Hilary Clinton- for using her power and influence to promote feminism. We need women like Hilary in this world. We need people who are willing to fight for feminism. If we ever want to be truly equally we cannot just sit around and wait for it to happen. We (women & feminists alike) must stand up for what we believe in and stand up for equality. We are feminists and we are strong!

S/O to you Hilary!

Check out the article:


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