Gender Representation in Ephemeral Horror Stories: An Invitation to Symposium

We’re dealing with horror here, so if you’re squeamish you might not enjoy this.

What you’ve just heard is a relatively new type of horror story:  a creepypasta. These tales are often posted on temporary forums, left to be read by a select few before they are automatically deleted. Some people save the stories and collect them on websites, and some – like the narrator of the video above – like to turn them into little audio dramas.

But, as some of you may know, horror is not a genre that is typically kind to women. But is this new breed of horror different? Do we finally have a picture of equality?

The answer to this question (and for the sake of his senior research project), Randolph’s own Brandon Wood took it upon himself to examine dozens of these stories, and the culmination of his research will be presented at the upcoming Symposium. The results of his research may be surprising to you!

This specific presentation will be given during Session 0a, on Thursday, April 23rd, 4:30 – 5:45 PM, in Nichols Theater. It will be presented alongside several other research project, so please be prepared to stay for the whole session!


What do you think? Please comment.

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