The Disgusting Gender Wage Gap

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When I hear the term “Gender Wage Gap” I am genuinely disgusted. The term alone is simply appalling.For anyone to think that it is acceptable to pay someone less based on their gender is absurd. I believe that if I have the same amount of education and can do the same job as my male counterpart that we should be paid the same. With that being said, I am not asking for men to be paid less, nor am I saying that I should make more than they do. I am simply stating that we should have equal pay for equal work- and to me that seems reasonable.

I have a brilliant professor/ adviser who is much more hardworking than some male professors at Randolph. It upsets me to know that she makes less than her colleagues when I see how hard she works (harder than most). I aspire to be as great of a woman as she is and it saddens me to know that she is being shorted for her efforts simply because she is a female. When I am older and hopefully somewhere in her position I will be making the same as my male counter parts. Why should respectable hard working women be unjustly robbed in every pay period. It just is not fair and it doesn’t make sense.

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Today I came across an extremely interesting article on the topic of the gender wage gap and it made me want to spread the word. The article puts into perspective just how serious this issue has become. We are in the 21st century now people!! Why have we not resolved these simple yet so rampant injustices in our society? Please read the article and share it with people you know. Let me know yours ideas on what you think could be done to spread more awareness to this topic. If you have any comments/questions/concerns please feel free to ask! I have placed a graph below just to give everyone a visual of this issue.

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Click Here to read the article: 


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