Sweet Briar, you are always in my thoughts…


A 1998 photo of Wellesley students on the advent of the First Annual Women’s College Conference. Photo Credit: https://wire.wellesley.edu/#/node/249/year-living-wellesley

So, everyone has already heard the news of Sweet Briar College closing once this semester ends. We all know of the countless fundraisers and events going on to try to save the college from forever closing their doors. I know a lot of people who are saddened by news, but I’m not sure how many people can relate to it. When I first attended college, I was a student at an all women’s institution like Sweet Briar. That college was my home for three and a half years. It’s where I blossomed into the person I am. It’s where I become comfortable with myself fully and wholly. And it’s where I met the friends that will be by my side until the day we die.

When I heard about Sweet Briar closing, I couldn’t help but to think about my own experience at a women’s college, how I would feel if I were still a student there, and how I would handle the news of the school closing if it ever decides to do so. The first word that comes to mind: devastation. I would feel devastated if the college were to close forever. I feel a sense of home when I’m there, even now, as a student at another institution. I was such an active part of the community on campus and I feel like my sense of community would be taken away from me.

When choosing a college to spend four years of your life at, you want to make sure you feel connected. You want to feel like you have family on campus, a community in which you are free to flourish and shine. That’s exactly how it was when I was at my first college. If I were a student and the school was forced to close, I’m not sure how I would have been able to even think about choosing another school to go to. At the other institutions I’ve been a part of, my first college is where I feel at peace, home, and the best community I could ever ask for.

I send positive vibes and good thoughts towards everyone affected by the closing of Sweet Briar and I stand with you during the fight to remain open. Stay strong, Sweet Briar.



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