Whatever skin you’re comfortable in

If you were to ask me four years ago what it meant to be transgender, I would most likely look at you with a blank stare. The idea of transgender was an idea I never heard growing up. As a cisgender male, I had no idea what it meant to be transgender until I got to college. Many individuals today put negative connotations on people who identify as transgender, and sometimes tell these people that they are only going through a phase. If you talked to a person who is transgender and asked them if it was just a phase, I can assume that 10 times out of 10 they would laugh in your face for even asking the question and tell you no. Today, there is a lot of negativity towards transgender people. However, I read an article recently about a clinic in North London and Leeds that has received increased patients experiencing transgender feelings.

The patients who come to this clinic for psychiatric counseling are all under the age of 18, some of the youngest patients being 3 or 4 years old. At this clinic, the children are able to have one on one conversations with their psychotherapists. The goals of these therapists is to show these children that it is OK to have these feelings and to not be ashamed for feeling the way that they do. This type of therapy is revolutionary, helping not only children but people of all ages find the strength to accept who they are and not have to worry about being judged because they were born with the wrong body parts. The clinic also funds sex-change operations and hormone therapy for its patients.

Clinics like these are beneficial to our society because they will show people that itis OK if their biological sex doesn’t match up with their gender identity. Not only does this clinic help people accept themselves for who they are, but it also gives them a safe-haven to share their transgender feelings. I would be happy to see more clinics like these going up across the globe, showing people that there is nothing wrong with wearing whatever skin you’re comfortable in.

Are there other clinics similar to this one that you have heard of? Do you feel clinics like these are beneficial in societies today? please let me know your thoughts in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Whatever skin you’re comfortable in

  1. What kind thoughtful man you are sir. i live in the deep south (USA) and there are no clinics are even group support with in at least 3 hours of me……………sigh, i wish that there was. I thank God for kind caring folks like you! For many years i thought that only the few who are transgender could sympathize/empathize with others who are trans, but the last few years i have found out i was wrong. Thank you for proving yet again that i was wrong.


  2. I think there should absolutely be more clinics like this. Also–have you heard of Jazz? She’s a young trans activist and author, and I think you’d enjoy learning more about her.


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