Let’s Talk About What Not To Do…

Relationship Advice 101   

I have compiled a small but not so small list of things not to do in a relationship. These are somethings that I have experienced in past relationships, input from a few of my friends bout their relationships, and opinions I gathered while doing simple observations of people on and off campus. These are just things that bug me, and kind of go against how I believe a relationship should be like. I am sure that not everyone believes the same as I do, but I value my opinion and thought someone else might too.

1. Don’t cheat on people

a. It’s simple, don’t do anything in a relationship that is going to jeopardize it and potentially ruin everything. Being faithful isn’t hard, if you really want to be in that relationship.

b. Being cheated on is so hurtful and it sucks to be the person getting their heart broken.

c. Some may say that flirting (and flirting via texting) is cheating, too. But personally, I don’t consider that cheating. That is something else in its entirety (but is also fucked up to do in a relationship).0511-1009-1419-2930_Cartoon_of_a_Man_Slipping_on_a_Banana_Peel_Spilling_His_Coffee_clipart_image

2. Don’t get back with the ShitBag that cheated on you

a. Are you a damn fool? Why would anyone get back with the person who just cheated on them, maybe even multiple times? You cray.

b. They claim to “love” you so much, and they realize now that it was “mistake”? No no no, that is not love, don’t kid yourself. If they “loved” you, they wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

c. If you get back with them, it just makes you look stupid and gives them the idea that you will take them back no matter what. Giving them the alternate idea that they can do it again…

d. They will probably just do it again! Now that you took them back once, who’s to say you won’t do it again?

e. What? Did they tell you that it was an accident and that it will never happen again? It was NOT an accident, cheating is a choice!

f. It is im-fucking-possible for a man to accidentally slip and have his dick somehow fall into into a vagina (or other places). Or for a women to fall onto someone’s penis, or strap on. It must have been magic!!?

frabz-Please-dont-leave-me-I-need-you-3dad383. If you try and break up with your significant other and they don’t want to, what should you do?

a. ABORT MISSION, 10-4?!!

b. If they say…“ Lets just talk about it, please? We can fix it!” simply turn around and run away as fast as possible!

c. Talking about how you are meant to be together forever and ever, when you are ready to leave is only going to suck you back in, leaving you trapped!

4. If someone doesn’t like the way you are… dump their ass and find someone else.

a. Never put up with someone who doesn’t like you for who you are, duh!

b. You do not need to change yourself to make someone like you more.

c. You are the only you that exists… so be yourself because it’s probably awesome!

5. You want to be controlling? Go find yourself a toy and go control that.controlling 3

a. People do not get into relationships so you can try to control their lives.

b. If people were meant to be controlled, they would have come with a remote, don’t get it twisted… we are not appliances.

c. Don’t get mad at your significant other for talking to people you might not like… so what? They might have been friends first.

d. Never ever let someone dictate you who you can or cannot talk to, this isn’t high school… We are all grown-ups!!!

e. Your boo has a celeb crush?? Get over it! It’s never going to happen for them so stop being a baby about it, and let them dream.

f. Don’t even think about asking for a sandwich.pda

6. PD, don’t you dare do that in public. ( in reference to PDA)

a. Back off, bro.

b. Don’t try and suck face in front of people to show them that this person is “yours”.

c. Actually, don’t ever suck face in public… it’s not cute. (simple kisses are acceptable)

**I hope these words of wisdom are helpful to you and your present and/ or future relationships. No… but seriously, you should take these into consideration because I’m a genius. You are welcome!

And please comment! I would love to hear y’alls opinion on some of these things!!

Toodles (:


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About What Not To Do…

  1. In reference to number four. Some people do truly suck and #4 seems to encourage assholes to continue being assholes rather than spend any time on self-introspection or self-improvement.


  2. @dudewat69 Mmmm I can understand where you are coming from, but I think you took it the wrong way. I wasn’t talking about self-improvement or self-introspection things. More like if you are in a relationship with someone who continuously talks down on you about the way you are. Like saying you aren’t good enough, your personality sucks, or whatever…things like that. I was not encouraging assholes to continue to be assholes, rather having the other person in the relationship take a stand and dump the asshole talking down to them. My point is, why be with someone in the first place if they don’t like who you are? I hope that clears things up!


  3. Like if they really love you for who you are and still disagree with you/your decisions on certain matters, they will at least try to make constructive comments rather than talking down on you/imposing their will over you. That kind of constructive relationship will definitely encourage self-improvement and self-introspection, but the latter kind is more detrimental to a person’s sense of self-worth than doing that person good. I think you both are talking about different scenarios here.


  4. I’m curious – did you think about issues like abuse when you were writing this? (Coming from experience) It is extremely difficult to get out of an abusive relationship. Even if they other person cheats, even if they treat you horribly, sometimes it can be impossible to see a way out. And I don’t think people who are in that position deserve to be called fools or anything worse. Also, lots of times abusers do love the people they abuse, and that makes it all the worse.

    Just some things to keep in mind.


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