A Different Kind of Sex Education

Hello! Have you all heard of Laci Green?  If not you should definitely check her out. She is a vlogger, meaning video blogger with a channel on youtube.

Her passion is providing sexual education information from a feminist perspective to all, after what she calls a nationwide failure of education in this subject.  She covers many important subjects as she has had her video blog Sex Plus for many years now, ranging from why feminism matters, female anatomy misconceptions, effects of sexism, and also forms of sexual assault!

Check out her website here  because we (Sir Chemical X and Wilfred Washington) have sure learned a whole lot from her videos. She also comes to schools worldwide to give sexual education talks.

I hope whoever reads this takes the time to check her out, she has a great style of talking, good humor, and well educated.  She identifies a bunch of issues in the broad definition of feminism and fits really well with what we are trying to portray on our site!


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