College Hook-Up Culture: Sex at First Sight

In the college culture there is, and has always been, a double standard between women and men when it comes to hooking up. There has always been an ideology that it is badass or cool for guys to hook up with as many girls as possible, but if a girl tries to hook up with as many guys as possible she is labeled a “slut.” Why is that the case?

Well first off when looking at men, they face a pressure to be promiscuous and therefore are expected to utilize that license. Guys feel a pressure to get with lots of girl in order to not be condemned by their friends. I can recall being in social settings with other guys and whenever we get to the topic of hooking up or sex, and one guy says he hasn’t had sex before or doesn’t enjoy hooking up with a lot of girls, he usually gets teased or looked down upon as if something is wrong with him.

For Women, the societal double standard that has been created for them is one that is unfair and can be detrimental to their self esteem. Women are expected to be very picky about whom they have intimate relations with, and the number of people they have theses relation with is expected to be very low. Nonetheless, college hookup culture pressures women into having more relations in order to avoid being looked at as prudish or anti-social. Therefore women are subjected to an unfair situation in which they must be promiscuous enough to be socially acceptable, but not too promiscuous to the point where they can be viewed as sluttish.

These views are extremely misguided and can be extremely hurtful to a woman’s ideal for self worth. Women should be allowed to decide with whom and with how many people they want to hookup with without having to worry about being scolded by others. How do you think we can help alter this college cultural ideology?


2 thoughts on “College Hook-Up Culture: Sex at First Sight

  1. I think this post does a good job of bringing up the issue of double standards in the college dating scene. People need to realize that “slutty-ness” isn’t gender specific. It would be interesting to hear what some women would have to say if they were asked how they would feel about a man who has had many different sexual partners?


  2. I wonder how this issue is looked at upon the LGBTQ community? There is this double standard in the heterosexual community among men and women, but I’m not sure how this issue is looked upon for those who are non-heterosexual.


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