Feminism is for everyone (Even Harry Potter Fans)

I found myself scrolling through popular culture articles online the other day and one in particular caught my eye. I was always secretly a huge Harry Potter junky as an adolescent and I especially admired Emma Watson. I notice the article was about her speaking at The UN about gender equality. The video of her speech is only about 2 minutes long but what she said sure sounded a lot like our Rioters. Emma spoke of the need to rehabilitate the word “feminism”. She too realizes that the ‘F’ word is somewhat unpopular due to people having the wrong idea of what the word actually means. She also defines feminism in a way very similar to popular feminist and author bell hooks. I thought you all would enjoy seeing the video and hearing her views on feminism.




2 thoughts on “Feminism is for everyone (Even Harry Potter Fans)

  1. I too saw the video about Emma Watson speaking on feminism. As a fellow Harry Potter fan, it caught my eye. Emma Watson is well known throughout the world as a powerful woman. To have her be a representative and face of Feminism is a great step in the right direction.

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    • Thank you for your comment,
      I’m glad to know that your agree that celebrity advocates can play a key role in promoting feminism the right way.


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