What if you need another plan?

When you can’t handle plan A… you should be able to use Plan B, right?

'We need a plan B.'

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The subject of women’s health can be a touchy subject. Especially when it comes to abortion. But you know what? It is not someone else’s choice to pick for others. And the government has made it very difficult for women to have options, due to the lessened amount of clinics around the country. For example, there is no abortion clinic in Lynchburg, and the closest one is miles and miles away. That is no problem for me and other fortunate women who have a car, but what about women who have no way of transportation? Where do they go? All the way to Richmond ? All the way to Roanoke  ? Yeah right. This needs to change!Plan B is also an option, in contrast to getting an abortion. However this is only an option for those who have had unprotected sex in the past 72 hours at the latest. You can buy these at most stores (with a pharmacy), over the counter. Some local stores that carry it are Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens. However, it is of no benefit for those who didn’t know they were pregnant until three weeks after it is too late.

Being someone who has used the Plan B pill, it has been very comforting knowing that I had something to fall back on, just in case. Personally, I would advise anyone who has had unprotected sex to take it if you are that worried about getting pregnant, in that 3 day time frame, but don’t abuse it. If you take it like you would birth control (ex: every weekend for 3 months), it is not as effective.

What about people who have been raped, and need immediate attention? What does this town do for that? Sure there is a hotline you can call when you have been sexually assaulted, but what do you do when immediate attention? What does the Randolph Health Center offer? Do they do rape kits? If not, is there transportation to the ER for someone who needs one? I will be following up these questions in my post next week, where I will be interviewing people (students), as well as asking the Randolph Health Center staff what they think about this issue and if they know of any other solutions.

So keep a look out for my post next week!!


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