Are We Spending Our Money on Worthy Causes?

Have you ever experienced “manspreading” (when men sit with their legs spread far apart, sometimes taking up multiple seats in the process)? Have you ever walked into class, gotten onto a bus, or sat down in the dining hall to see a guy taking up more space than you feel appropriate? Has it made you uncomfortable, or do you think it inconsequential? Do you think it’s an issue worth spending $77,000 on? Well, some people certainly do, as an anti-manspreading ad campaign in New York City cost nearly $77,000 of taxpayer money.

Regardless of what your opinion on manspreading is (which is a topic worthy of its own article), is that not ridiculous? That is a hefty sum of taxpayer money being spent to combat what is, ultimately, a small inconvenience. There are countless more important causes that need public attention. Let me name a few:

  • Ending sexual slavery in this country.
  • Helping the homeless.
  • Fighting spousal abuse.
  • Raising awareness about what is and is not consent.
  • Opening a dialogue about the wage gap and purposing solutions.
  • Advocating for LGBT rights.

If we are to enact meaningful change, do we not need to spend our resources in a more deliberate manner? It is only logical to put our money into the most serious problems that our society faces, but we are not currently doing that, and it needs to change. What would you rather have seen that $77,000 spent on and why? Sound off in the comments with the issues that you think are more deserving, or let us know if you think that money was well-spent after all.


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