Sexual Assault on Campus


I saw this study on a Feministing (great blog website) blog that compared College/Universities President’s responses to questions regarding sexual assault. The survey, as you have seen above, asked college presidents whether or not they believe that sexual assault is prevalent on their campus as compared to other campuses.  The data showed that on average, the college presidents who responded thought few cases of sexual assault happened on their campus compared to a much larger number on other college campuses.

If you think about it, you can understand why a president would go about answering a poll like this. But if sexual assault is a serious issue at a respective school, then shouldn’t reputation be a much lesser concern than the safety of students?  I most certainly think safety and security should be more important, and I wonder how our school fits into all of this and how our president might vote on these questions.

Next week, tune in because I will be doing research on this topic, trying to figure out if Randolph is suitable as an institution to handle cases of sexual assault consistently. I will be asking fellow students if they think sexual assault is prevalent on our campus, and possibly get our president’s response to this question. In the mean time, it would be really helpful if you can answer to my poll below.


2 thoughts on “Sexual Assault on Campus

  1. Is there a way you can change the poll so that you can do both answers (both that you’ve been assaulted and know others who have been assaulted), and add a “neither” option, or something of that nature?


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