10 Reasons Why I am a Bad ass Feminist and a Devoted Tree Hugger

Let’s talk about something we all have in common,

The Environment and why it relates to Feminism

Taken at Randolph College '15

This is my environment , what’s yours? Who do you share your home with?

en·vi·ron·ment  (noun)

1. The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.

& I think it is important that people are environmentally educated and their awareness of feminism is broadened!

& 10 reasons why I am a feminist and a hippie are:

  1. I don’t want to hear someone question the importance of something that we are all reliant upon in order to “live and operate?” Just the same as I do not want want people to question whether or not we need Feminism.
  2. I’m tired of people questioning whether or not to help save the one thing that supports all life, our earth? If we work together (and respect one another as feminist do) we can help sustain our earth for the good of everyone!
  3. Human beings need to start caring about their world as much as they do progressing their material lives; just the same as we need to start caring and sharing feminism.
  4. Progression is impossible without a setting or place to progress in (our world) & feminism is PROGRESSION
  5. If people do not start thinking more about how to sustain our world then there will eventually be no more jobs, no more countries, and no more US. We need one another and our planet- so we need to treat it and one another justly
  6. I want to know people’s opinions on sustainability and how we can start a movement to help protect the one thing that supports us all/ as well as people’s opinions on the environment!
  7. Feminism is about equality and respect for every living person. With this being said, we need to coexist and cooperate in a way that will allow us to sustain our earth.
  8. Every gender, race, and religion needs to come together to keep our world alive. I believe that in order to make that a reality we have to have feminism.
  9. We have a symbiotic relationship with every other living being, and we need to sustain that which is a concept in Feminism itself!
  10. We need to ensure a better future for OUR children and future generations to come by having a healthy relationship with others and our earth!

Peace. Love. Respect.




What do you think? Please comment.

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