Who says you have to be skinny to feel pretty?

You know, I’ve always had an interest in how wotumblr_nkp29gplNz1qgbnkbo1_1280men are portrayed in the media, and how it has affected society as a whole. So far in history, the media has done a horrible job at protecting women and helping them rise above. They continue to objectify women, and consequentially, it makes others think it is okay to do that to women too.

I have seen women here at school, as well as out and about in society, be constantly ridiculed for being overweight or continuously shamed for being fat. There are so many stigmas and stereotypes that say overweight women are not pretty and never will be unless they lose weight.

But wait! By golly, put your sandwich down because fat fashion bloggers have come to the rescue!! This is something I recently learned about and I find it very interesting. Because of feminism, women around the world have started to change the way we look and value ourselves, which is AMAZING!

Fat fashion bloggers are fat females who disrupt conventional understandings of beauty and social categories through active participation in cultural discussions of beauty. They want to share with the world what they know about fashion and how to feel beautiful in your own skin. I have found that these women have gained confidence by showing their unique style and posting pictures of themselves in these outfits.

Specifically, they are participating by having an online identity and engaging in the ‘fatosphere,’ which is an interconnected network of online resources which end up creating a safe space where individuals can encounter non prejudice bloggers, engage in communal experiences, and promote a positive understanding of ‘fat’ or plus sizes and the acceptance of it.

These women are engaging in feminism by becoming online activists and participating in invisible politics with people on the Internet. They are a community of women who have chosen to take the negative stigma from this word.  From what I’ve researched on this subject, this goes against all social norms and violates what the media says we should be.

Also, it went against what I have learned about women in society within the classes I have taken at Randolph. Fat Fashion is all about women feeling comfortable in their own bodies no matter how big they are! This form of feminism is helping women feel empowered by their own bodies no matter how small or big the woman might be, and I believe that is an amazing accomplishment. This gives me hope!

I’m going to end this post with a big BUT(pun intended!)…Do you think this form of feminism can lead to the elimination of the perfect body image? Although this might be a great start, are these networks available to everyone, or just the middle to upper class? How do you think people can spread the word about networks like this? Do you think this form of networking and fashion sites are encouraging people to stay at an unhealthy weight, even if they feel beautiful?

Wanna check some blogs out?!?!





What do you think? Please comment.

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