Spring Break and the Objectification of Women

This week I had the pleasure of spending my break in two of the spring break capitals, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It was mind blowing the amount of female objectification that occurs during this period of the year.

One thing that was interesting to me when I was walking around the beach was how the promotion cards to bars and clubs portray women in the most sexual manner, displaying them in tight bathing suits or a thong and bra. This exaggerated depiction of women seems to try and make events more appealing to men.

Another thing that stood out was the amount of contests on the beach that just involved women and not men, such as; the wet t-shirt contest or hot body contest. My friend brought up an interesting point to me when I mentioned to him how much female objectification there is during spring break. He said “being objectified can have its pros for girls, because girls can get into clubs where guys can’t, just because they have vaginas, and they can get free drinks at the bar, or get lower prices on an array of things.” This point was very interesting and opened up my eyes to another point of view on the issue that was intriguing.


What do you think? Please comment.

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