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Men’s Lacrosse photo credit: IMG_5400_flickr.jpg via photopin (license)

There are countless amounts of sexism in sports today, OBVIOUSLY! In sports such as hockey and lacrosse, the rules of the game have been altered greatly in order to “accommodate the female athlete”. I believe that changing the rules of the game for women is somewhat putting limitations on them as athletes.

In women’s hockey, they are not allowed to physically body check another opponent or else it is a penalty. Whereas in men’s hockey, there is no such rule.

Similarly, in women’s lacrosse, players are not allowed to physically body check another opponent while there is no such rule in men’s lacrosse. As a male lacrosse player, I have heard from teammates many times over the past ten years about how “women’s lacrosse is a joke because it is too soft.” This belief would not be around if the rules of the game were not altered to try and accommodate another gender.


Women’s lacrosse photo credit: DSC_4503 via photopin (license)

Changing the rules completely changes the game. I have spoken to many female athletes who feel as if the rules should not be changed based on gender. Not only does changing the rules take away the spirit of the game, but it also creates friction and turn women’s sports into a completely different genre.

I believe that instead of changing the game completely, the game should be played with the same rules, bringing EQUALITY to the sports world. Applying this to sports other than just lacrosse and hockey would also enable athletes of any gender to play the same game without receiving harsh criticism and mockery for playing a sport that has “soft” rules. Honestly, we all have pads for a reason.

Athletes of all genders should be given the opportunity to choose if they want to play a sport where there is a universal set of rules applicable to both women’s and men’s teams. If sports rules were changed so that they weren’t based on gender, athletes, as well as sports fans, across the world would be able to connect on a deeper level, through true equality.

Knowing that the majority of Americans watch sports on a daily basis, leveling the playing field and taking away the sexist rules would also mean that sports entertainment could grow even bigger than it is today ;and in turn become more successful as a franchise. This, eventually, will help sports become more respectable and appealing because the sexism has been eliminated from the game COMPLETELY.


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