Her clothes shouldn’t determine her value.

I’m sick of hearing people say, “Wow, she is dressed like a slut” or “Could she be showing anymore cleavage?” These are two things that I hear all too often here at Randolph. The problem with these judgments is the audacity that society has bestowed upon the individuals who are passing them. The individuals are not only degrading another human being, but they are doing so without justification.


Women participated in SlutWalks to fight the idea that what women wear, what they drink or how they behave can make them a target for rape.

Females often get labeled as “sluts” if they’re wearing clothing that is considered revealing or offensive to others. If someone is comfortable enough to wear something revealing, then who are you to judge them for that? How can anyone justify shaming another individual for their privacy preferences and material choices?


Another participant of SlutWalk campaign

When we choose our clothes in the morning, we undoubtedly make two subconscious decisions. The first being, how much privacy we need in reference to our clothing, and the second, which material do we feel good about wearing today.

Both of those decisions are likely going to differ from person to person. How can we make those decisions for other people? Better yet, why would we care enough to do so? Who determines what qualifies as ‘slutty’ or what is appropriate to wear in public? When did we as human beings inherit the power of determining what is acceptable for others to wear? What happened to simple human rights of getting to choose what you wear and be free of persecution?

Before clothing, believe it or not, people were NAKED! BARE ASS NAKED. Can you believe it? I’m sure that cave women weren’t referring to one another as sluts for having an animal cloth that was too short for their liking. How can people label a female as a slut or rightfully bash her for what she is wearing?

I understand that society has put numerous labels in our minds and that it is almost impossible to not judge someone when you first see them. I also understand that it is human nature to pass judgement, but it is also human nature to pick our nose, poop in the wilderness, and kill one another. Although these behaviors are embedded into our nature, we can learn how to manipulate these in either positive or negative ways.

We can learn not to judge a book by its cover.

We can learn to get to know someone before persecuting them.

We can learn to love before we hate.

And we can learn not to label people with these nasty terms.

I’m reaching out to you, my readers, asking you all to stop and think before you pass judgement on someone for what they are wearing. I’m asking you to think outside the box and make a change. I’m asking you to step forward and stand up for not only women’s right to express themselves, but for human rights in general. These are rights we all too often overlook and undermine with the serpent tongues of our generation.

Now before I leave you all I want you to consider this for a moment. Men get hot while working out and can take off their shirts. When a man wants to go swimming he takes off his shirt and swims. Meanwhile I have heard women at the gym talking badly about the women who are working out in sports bras. I even heard one say, “She must be craving attention.” How can you say that about another woman who is working her ass off while there are several half naked men working out all around you. Why can men swim topless but when a women wears a crop top she is persecuted? We are all humans. We all get hot and we all have bodies. It is natural. We should not shame one another for our choice of clothing. STOP the HATE.

-I’m asking for equality for all, now, tomorrow, and forever after!

Please watch this Jenna Marbles video and comment with your responses!

Thank you,

Jane Does

photo credit: SlutWalk NYC October 2011 Shankbone, Wintery Knight


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