Who Needs Meninism?


I need meninism because….no, actually, I don’t.

There’s a new rage flooding the internet called, you guessed it, meninism. According to Urban Dictionary, meninism is “a mockery of feminism and proves we [women] cannot request equality.” All I see on my Facebook newsfeed are articles or statuses about meninism and how we as a society cannot live without it.

I don’t need more privilege. I am a middle class white man that can vote, get a job, and live a fulfilling life. If I was being oppressed, it would be completely different. I don’t get snide remarks for being a man. I don’t get whistled at when I walk down the street. People don’t make rape jokes or racial slurs or period anecdotes when I’m being moody. Women can’t even go to school in a halter top or anything with spaghetti straps because they’re told their shoulders are distracting. When did shoulders become sexualized? And when did meninism become something that society needs?

What started out as a joke has slowly become a serious issue. And we, as a society, need to change that.

Photo Credit: Joseph Stashko


4 thoughts on “Who Needs Meninism?

  1. I LOVE this post! I have seen people re-tweet stuff like this on twitter and I wish I could just smack some sense into them. Don’t these “meninists” realize that everything in society is already about men? Well, apparently not.. but they gon’ learn today! Preach it Peter Parker!


    • Thank you! I understand that men are obviously more privileged than women. What I don’t understand is how some men can think opposite that. Sure, men struggle with just as many issues as women, but they are also not constantly harassed for it.


  2. Thank you for posting this. Feminism needs more men like you, who are actually aware of and check their privilege. Thank you.


    • I really enjoyed writing this. I am quite aware of my white male privilege. Sure, I deal with issues and have to work them out, but like I said in another comment, I am not harassed for it as a man. Now, as a transman, sometimes I am harassed for certain issues, but I am still quite more privileged now as a man than I was when I identified as a woman. Thank you for your comment!


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